Crack Codes at TRAPT Escape Room & Bar

Writing about an escape room in Melbourne is much like having a conversation about Game of Thrones – there’s very little you can say without giving away spoilers.

But here we go. Escape Rooms are the latest thing to take Melbourne by storm. More and more of them are popping up around town. And why wouldn’t they? What’s not to love about being locked up in a room and forced to solve riddles to escape – all in the name of fun?

TRAPT Escape Rooms in Melbourne

entrance to trapt escape rooms

TRAPT Escape Rooms and Bar combines code-breaking and boozing to bring you a unique Melbourne experience you’ll never forget.

Descend the stairs of the heritage Keep & Co building, walk along a wood-panelled corridor into the dimly lit speakeasy lounge, and you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for.

Friendly staff members are there to welcome you in, serve you up a delicious drink from their huge cocktail menu, and brief you before you venture into the unknown.

TRAPT is different from many other Melbourne escape rooms because the venue hosts escape rooms as well as a bar. But let’s be honest, it’s the rooms you’re here for.

The rooms

There are four multi-sensory rooms to choose from, each with a different theme and a different experience (as you’ll see below). Every room is simple, yet sophisticated.

Though they’re uncluttered, the rooms are decked out with a level of detail that makes you uber-aware of everything. Anything from a scratch on the wall to a strange smell could be a clue.

Most of the puzzles are about solving number combinations to unlock treasure chests, boxes, and, most importantly, doors.

The problem-solving is usually sequential. For example, you may need to find a prop that helps solve a clue to unlock a cabinet that contains another clue which, when solved, will help you unlock a door and progress to the next room.

But the array of problem-solving challenges really assaults your brain. Expect to use your skills of observation, logic, maths, code-cracking, interpretation, translation…

… And all in 45 minutes (a tricky time limit – many other Melbourne escape rooms offer a full hour’s experience … And trust me, those extra 15 minutes might make all the difference).

Don’t get yourself into a bother though. If you’re tripping on a clue, you’re equipped with a walkie-talkie to contact your designated staff member, who will enter the room to prod you along or steer you in the right direction.

TRAPT recommends groups of between 4 and 6, with six participants as the maximum number per room. You’ll need to take a co-operative approach to progress through the game, so it makes sense that the more people you have, the higher chance you have of escaping.

That said, this is a popular date night idea for blossoming love birds. (It’s also great for corporate events or hens nights/stag dos).

sign at entrance to melbourne escape room

But enough of that. Onto the rooms…


With a good dose of the quirkiness Alice in Wonderland is known for, Wonderland sends you down the rabbit hole and plays havoc with your senses.

You won’t know back from front, left from right, up from down. It’s mind-bending, which is why it warrants its title as TRAPT’s hardest room.

Difficulty level: 11 out of 10. Good luck to you.


It’s a zombie apocalypse alright, and the only way to survive is to escape. Scientists working at a high-security government lab have gone AWOL. You’re sent in to find out what’s happened to them all. But be quick or you’ll still be stuck inside when the military destroys the facility.

Difficulty level: 10 out of 10. You can do it … maybe. Or not…


It hardly needs description, but for those who love a backstory: You’re the wrongly-convicted citizen up against a prison warden who cares nothing for your innocence. Break out or die, basically.

Difficulty level: 7 out of 10. Can you do it without breaking a sweat?


You find yourself in a mysterious dungeon with no way of escape. Something could be lurking in the shadows … And where are those terrible noises coming from? I think the message is fairly clear: Escape is essential to the living.

Difficulty level: 8 out of 10. Quietly confident?

The bar

Of course, after all that fun, TRAPT provides the perfect, cosy space to debrief. The lounge has comfy chairs, a huge cocktail menu, a big selection of award-winning Aussie spirits, Japanese whiskeys, locally brewed beers and ciders, and ales and lagers on tap.

Keep in mind this is a licensed venue, so you have to be 18 or over to attend. Parents will need to accompany under-aged participants.

The details

Where: The Basement, 377 Lonsdale Street

When: TRAPT has various opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 12pm-10pm; Friday: 12pm-late; Saturday: 10am-late; Sunday: 10am-10pm.

Since there’s a tight turnaround for room usage, it’s a good idea to rock up early and enjoy a drink before you head in. Make sure you’re there at least 30 minutes before your booking so everything goes like clockwork.

Cost: Costs vary depending on the number of players in each room, as follows: 2 players – $38 per person; 3 players – $36 per person; 4-6 players – $32 per person.

You’re strongly advised to book ahead of your visit. Either call them on +61 03 9077 7941 or through their website.

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