The SCORSESE Exhibition at ACMI

It seems appropriate that a gal with a movie star name should deliver a review about a famous director. Tara Trappe from Tested by Tara has given us her thoughts on the new SCORSESE exhibition at ACMI.

scorsese exhibition

The SCORSESE exhibition at ACMI is heaven on earth for fans of Scorsese, while also welcoming to those who know little of him.

If you’re the latter, you may be wondering who Martin Scorsese is. Well, he’s a film icon who is known for his work as a director, producer, screenwriter, actor, film historian and all round good guy.

He grew up in New York’s Little Italy and suffered from acute asthma as a child. Due to this, most of his childhood was spent observing the world around him from his bedroom window. His films are quintessentially American and reflect his experiences of growing up in New York.

From Taxi Driver to The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s films are breathtaking and unique. With over 53 years of experience, he’s arguably one of the world’s greatest directors.

SCORSESE Exhibition Review

“Marty and I…” was a line commonly thrown about by my mum when I was growing up. Why? you may ask. Because we were a household of Martin Scorsese fanatics! Which is why I was over the moon about visiting ACMI’s new Scorsese exhibition.

The ACMI exhibition showcases the wide range of work Scorsese has undertaken throughout his years in the film industry and includes some items from his personal collection.

At every corner you turn, there’s something new and exciting to feast your eyes upon. There’s not a dull moment to be had here.

scorsese exhibition at acmi

There are classic film clips to watch, personal letters to read (and you don’t have to feel guilty for it), scripts to admire and new stories to hear. You’re offered a personal insight into Scorsese’s career as an icon of cinema in this exhibition.

There’s also a vast array of rare film footage you may not get the chance to see elsewhere. For example, Scorsese discusses the process involved with the digital restoration of one of his favourite films, The Red Shoes.

If you’re not familiar with Scorsese’s films, do not fear.  There’s a free audio guide you can listen to while you stroll around the exhibition. Just remember to bring your own headphones.

Do please note: Scorsese’s films are quite intense and confronting at times, so the exhibition is not recommended for small children.

scorsese exhibition acmiSource: ACMI

Visiting the ACMI merchandise shop on the way out is a must. There’s always an amazing selection of goodies to drool over. For the SCORSESE exhibition, ACMI has replicas of Martin Scorsese’s famous glasses, Scorsese bushy eyebrow tote bags and “are you talking to me?” t-shirts.

If you didn’t already feel immersed enough in Scorsese’s life after the exhibition you can always purchase the merchandise and leave looking like Scorsese’s long lost brother or sister.

Scorsese Exhibition Tickets

Where: Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square. You can read more about ACMI’s permanent exhibitions here.

When: Until 18th September 2016, Sat-Thurs 10am-5pm and Fri 10am-9pm.

Cost: Full $25, concession $18, member: $17. You can book tickets here.

Tara Trappe is an imaginative foodie experimentalist when she’s not otherwise distracted by film exhibitions. Her blog Tested by Tara provides a scrumptious collection of vegan and raw food recipes. 

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