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Many Melbournes is a Melbourne lifestyle blog focused on the multitude of cultural events always on in and around Melbourne.

If you’re a Melbourne resident, you may be familiar with that nagging feeling that you’re just not experiencing ALL this glorious city has to offer. And if you’re a tourist, you’ll definitely leave knowing you didn’t quite catch it all.

This is Melbourne, a city filled with secrets, with endless events. Shows, tours, musicals, museums, sporting events, cultural extravaganzas, a market for every day of the week, a festival for every weekend…

Melbourne is quirky. It’s festive. It’s sporty and smart and it loves to spend money.

I created Many Melbournes out of a keen desire to start capturing it all – all the many Melbournes you might want to explore yourself.

Whether you’re just saying hello, begging to join me at the latest musical or festival, or want to let me know about an event that happening in Melbourne, contact me at or fill out the form below.

About Amanda Bensted

amanda bensted many melbournes

OK, if I’m straight-out honest with you I’ve gotta fess up. I have dreams of travelling the world a thousand times over. I’m travel-obsessed, which is what spurred me to create my ARoamerTherapy travel blog.

I’ve been to almost every continent (does anyone really want to go to Antarctica? …Fine, I do). And I’ve visited hundreds of cities. And with each new destination I wonder, could I live here?

I couldn’t. I love Melbourne WAYYYY too much. This city hooks you in. It might not be drop-dead gorgeous like Sydney (it’s more of the friendly gal next door than the busty blonde). But it’s charismatic and charming and oozing with so much intellect and culture it sometimes makes me giddy.

I can’t keep up with all the many Melbourne events out there, which is why, I guess, this Melbourne lifestyle blog was born. But it’s also about living NOW. I don’t want to spend my days, weeks and months fantasizing about that next trip. I want to live for the moment, here in this most marvellous city that is so often classed the most liveable city in the world.

So that’s me, and this is Many Melbournes.

Enjoy 🙂

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