Jurassic World Exhibition: Melbourne Museum

Kate Nelson of Meetoo fame delivers this fantastic review on Melbourne Museum’s latest Jurassic World exhibition. The verdict? GO!

jurassic world exhibition melbourne

Traditionally museums are viewed as serious and studious affairs… possibly even dusty (especially if you’re a child of the pre-90s).  But Jurassic World: The Exhibition is not your average museum exhibition…

Leave your preconceptions at the door – this is an experience that is an immersive tour of an imagined world.  It’s movie make-believe meets science, and you will need to suspend your reality and go along for the ride to make the most of the $34 entry fee.

So for a moment (well, about an hour), imagine that the Isla Nublar is actually real (Isla Nublar is the island in the movie Jurassic World where all the dinosaurs lived).  And imagine you could do a tour of the island and see some of the dinosaurs up close – this is the experience Jurassic World: The Exhibition is aiming to recreate.

gyrosphere at jurassic world exhibition melbourne

If you’ve been to a dinosaur exhibit anywhere in the last 5-10 years then you will no doubt have seen robotic dinosaurs in action.  While fascinating and a bit of fun, they are also a bit wooden and “unreal” given they are out of context to their surroundings.

Step off the boat onto the recreated Isla Nublar at Melbourne Museum and you feel as if you are entering a zoo of dinosaurs… their scale and personality (thanks to the very sophisticated animatronics) is awesome.  The clever programming of multiple movements makes them seem so so real – and the eye contact is unnerving.

It’s tempting to run ahead and see what is around every corner, but do try to slow down and take time to soak in each exhibit space, because once you pass the Hammond Creation Lab onto the T-Rex briefing you can’t retrace your steps back to see the first section of the exhibition.

t rex at jurassic world exhibition melbourne

Haven’t seen the movie? It doesn’t matter at all.  At the end of the day this exhibition isn’t about the movie at all – it’s about the experience of visiting the island in the movie and having the fantasy of experiencing dinosaurs up close and personal… something we’ve all secretly dreamed about doing since we were four years old.

Tours run every half hour (you can book online to secure a spot) and if you get there early there is a cafe/bar set up just outside the entrance to the exhibition.

Do note that there are no toilets on the island, so be sure to go before you enter!

Jurassic World Exhibition: Melbourne Tickets

When:  Until 8 October 2016, tours start every 30 minutes and run from 10am – 4pm.  Open daily.

Where:  Melbourne Museum, Carlton Gardens.

Cost: adult $34, child $22, family $90 (include 2 adults and 2 children), children under 3 are FREE

Book tickets here

Kate Nelson publishes Meetoo, a collection of personal reviews of Melbourne events, activities and venues suitable for families with children aged 0-12 years.

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