Review: Heathers the Musical in Melbourne

The tireless Kate Nelson of Meetoo has done it again, bringing us her personal review of Heathers the Musical, which has landed in Melbourne for a super limited run. Read on to find out what she thought of the show.

Heathers the Musical by KurtSneddon

If you like your musicals outrageous with a side of murder, Heathers the Musical is for you!

Heathers the Musical follows the same dark, comic storyline as the cult hit movie from 1988.  Veronica, a nerdy misfit, is momentarily noticed by the school clique – three mean girls all named Heather.  

Veronica takes advantage of this pivotal moment; she’s adopted by the Heathers and given a makeover, after which she’s deemed presentable enough to hang with them.

Naturally along the way Veronica has to prove herself by becoming a mean girl too.  All is going well until a new kid comes to school – the mysterious and totally hot JD.  Turns out JD has a lot of psychological baggage … a lot.

Heathers the Musical by KurtSneddon

Heathers the Musical: Melbourne Review

Heathers the Musical is irreverent, ridiculous, loud and funny – the score includes songs that cover topics as unpredictable as slurpee brain freeze, boys with blue balls, a dead gay son and a kindergarten boyfriend, to name a few.

The performances were great, with a few stand-out voices among the group.  The costumes were pure 80s (and many members of the audience “dressed” for the occasion).  The set was simplistic but effective and there were a few fun dance routines too.

Heathers the Musical in melbourne

I have to admit, there were a few songs in the mix that went on for a bit too long. But overall we had a great laugh and were entertained.  I was not left with any song earwig afterwards though, as there wasn’t any particular piece that got stuck in my head.

Based on the cult teen comedy starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, Heathers: The Musical is written by Laurence O’Keefe (Legally Blonde) and Kevin Murphy (Desperate Housewives), directed by Trevor Ashley (Les Misérables, Fat Swan) and features a stellar cast including Helpmann nominee, Lucy Maunder (Grease, Doctor Zhivago).

Tickets for Heathers The Musical in Melbourne

When: Heathers the Musical is on for a limited time in Melbourne, so if you’re keen, you’ll have to get in quick. It closes on 22 May 2016.

Where: Arts Centre Melbourne

Cost: $74-$104

It’s only on until 22 May, so if you’re keen, be sure to book your online tickets today. Oh hey, here’s the link!

Kate Nelson publishes Meetoo, a collection of personal reviews of Melbourne events, activities and venues suitable for families with children aged 0-12 years. 

Note: The original post stated there was no accompanying live orchestra. We’ve since been corrected and have edited the post accordingly, with 1000 apologies to Bev Kennedy and his backstage musicians!

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