Gravity Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Melbourne

Trampoline parks can be a super fun activity for both kids and adults, which is perhaps why so many of them have taken off across Melbourne.

There are several reasons for the rise in trampoline parks. For one, it makes working out a helluva lot more exciting. (Nasa found that 10 minutes on a trampoline is just like going for a 30-minute run). For another, it’s a decent way to keep the kids entertained away from the television on rainy days.

In short, it appeals to both adults and kids in a way few activities do.


Gravity Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Gravity Zone in Seaford has many of the offerings you’ll find in most indoor trampoline parks (and a little more on the side). There are more than 150 trampolines spread out over a range of zoned areas, which apparently makes it the biggest trampoline park in Melbourne. These jumping zones include…

Free Zone

This is a free-for-all area made up of over 70 trampolines you can jump between. Some trampolines line the walls, so you can jump horizontally as well as vertically. It’s a great place for kiddies keen on playing a bit of tiggy as well as for those more nervy jumpers who want to build up their skills before heading straight to…

Pro Zone

The Pro Zone has 6 high-performance trampolines and a Gravity Zone Wall. It is only for those with a bit more confidence and daring. You must also be at least 125cm tall.

Know your skill set before you heading into Pro Zone as this is where all the big accidents happen (in fact, you have to sign a waiver before heading into the trampoline area).

Here you can watch athletes practice flips and somersaults. There is also a jumping board for those who come to practise their skateboarding and snowboarding skills.

Most impressive is the Gravity Zone Wall, where experienced jumpers leap onto the wall from trampolines and push off the wall to start another jump. They also perform some admirable horizontal walking up the wall (it’s harder than it looks!).

Slam Zone

Basketball has never been much fun for the vertically-challenged, but basketball on trampolines levels the playing field. This popular area lets you shoot hoops with a bit of an advantage: the trampoline beneath your feet. There are 2 Slam Zones with 2 trampolines and hoops in each one.

Dodgeball Zone

Two Dodgeball Zones are set up in the complex so that when it’s busy, large teams can compete against one another with soft balls. These balls are always available, so even if it’s a quiet night and you’re a small number, you can still have a bit of competitive fun. Warning: you will tire out QUICKLY!

Foam Zone

My personal favourite is the Foam Zone. You can test all the tricks you want without the risk of injury you’d have in the Pro Zone. The Foam Zone has 5 long trampolines that give you a running start before you leap, somersault, twist, spin, flip, or flop into a 2-metre deep foam pit.

The spongy blocks soften your fall so the only inconvenience you’ll experience if you land head-first is resurfacing (and trust me, emerging from the foam pit is a feat unto itself).

gravity zone foam pit seaford

Kids Zone

For the littlies, there is a miniature jumping zone and playground to the side of the complex. It offers a safer environment for toddlers and is closer to the canteen area for supervising parents.

The centre also has bungee trampolines and a multi-level Lazer Tag Zone (both at an additional cost), as well as a cafe and drinking taps. Gravity Zone also offers party packages (it has a birthday room at the centre) and fitness classes.

What should I wear?

If you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline, you’ll know it isn’t the most forgiving surface. It’s a good idea to wear clothing that will protect your elbows and knees as these are likely to suffer the most from a rigorous workout.

At the same time, keep in mind that trampolining is a serious workout. You’ll work up a sweat in no time, so it’s best to wear layers. Tighter fitting clothes are also a good idea if you want to be as agile as possible.

On your first visit to any indoors trampoline park, you’ll need to buy special grip socks. Thankfully, these socks can be reused across all parks (and are considerably less daggy than bowling shoes).

trampoline park melbourne

There are free lockers at the facility (although many of them are without locks). If you need to shed some layers or store your bag, your belongings will be well protected.

Gravity Zone Prices

Where: 25 Oliphant Way, Seaford.

When: Gravity Zone is open from 10am every day (11am for public holidays). It closes at 7pm Mon-Thurs, 9pm Fridays, 8pm Saturdays and 6pm on Sundays. On public holidays, it closes at 4pm.

Each Gravity Zone session lasts 1 hour, though you can pay for additional hours. But trust me, you’ll probably be exhausted after 30 minutes!

If you’re keen for the trampolines without the crowds, weekends are surprisingly quiet. Friday and Saturday evenings are especially empty; you can often expect to have the place almost entirely to yourself.

It’s always a good idea to book your session, which is easy to do on the Gravity Zone website.

Cost: Your first hour is $16 for adults. Students pay $11 Mon-Fri from 10am to 4pm. Preschoolers are $11 for unlimited jumping (between Monday and Friday, 10am to 4pm). Additional hours are $10 for adults and $5 for students (between student hours). Socks cost an extra $2 but are reusable.

If you’re a die-hard jumper, you can grab a Multicard Pass of 15 1-hour sessions for $180.

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